The Winners of Designer of the Year 2018!

优游娱乐是诈骗网络吗:The Winners of Designer of the Year 2018!

Our hats are off to the blistering talent on display throughout 2018, another amazing year for digital design & development.

It's easy to forget that the internet is only in its third decade and the web design and dev industry is younger still. Yet in this short time legends have been born and heroes forged. Today we honour the winners of DOTY 2018 in the Agency, Studio and Solo categories. Each is a well deserved winner and a living example of how hard work, persistence and dedication pays off.

Best Agency of the Year: AQuest

CSS Design Awards - Agency of the Year 2018 - AQuest



Best Studio of the Year: Immersive Garden

CSS Design Awards - Studio of the Year 2018 - Immersive Garden

Immersive Garden


Best Solo of the Year: Daniel Spatzek

CSS Design Awards - Solo Designer of the Year 2018 - Daniel Spatzek

Daniel Spatzek


DOTY Special Kudos: Top 10 Agencies

The following runner-ups deserve recognition for outstanding contributions to the digital design and development industry. Along with the above winners they continue to inspire a whole generation of past, current and future digital professionals.

CSSDA DOTY 2018 - Top 10 Agencies

DOTY Special Kudos: Top 10 Studios

CSSDA DOTY 2018 - Top 10 Studios

DOTY Special Kudos: Solo - Bahaa Samir

Bahaa Samir


Special Collaboration Mention

On behalf of the CSSDA crew, judges and community we wish to thank WONDR for a brilliant collaboration on the WOTY 2018 showcase site.

CSSDA DOTY 2018 - Special Collaboration Mention - WONDR


Thank You

Thank you to the judges, community and everyone involved.
Sincere congratulations to the winners, nominees and all who participated!

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