New! Judges Certification Program

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The CSSDA founders and crew are very proud to announce a new certificate series aimed at rewarding and acknowledging our professional judging panel members for their notable commitment to the digital design industry.

The certificates follow on from our highly successful annual judges' certificates and are our way of thanking the Jpanel members for the time and effort they put into judging on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. CSSDA is the first and only award platform to introduce judges' certificates and we are thrilled to expand this initiative to help motivate and recognize our community members.

The certificates are awarded based on the amount of sites judged and come in five levels of achievement:

200 sites judged = Pro Judge


500 sites judged = Senior Judge


1000 sites judged = Expert Judge


2000 sites judged = Master Judge


5000 sites judged = Grandmaster Judge


Who can apply to be a judge?

CSSDA welcomes all genders, nationalities and age groups. Our only criteria is that you have demonstrable high-level skills in web design and/or development with a minimum of 5 years professional experience. The more experience you have, the more likely you will be successful with your application. Winning awards here for sites you have worked on also greatly improves your chances of being selected.

How to apply?

Use the contact form on our contact page and select 'Apply to join the judging panel' from the drop down 'topic' box. Please include a summary of your experience along with links to your work / folio, and any social pages that are relevant such as LinkedIn, Dribbble, Behance, Twitter and Facebook.

Who will be the first Grandmaster Judge?

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